Article - Permit Page

The Drake | by Tom Bie

Hamish with his Permit

A BREWERY IS BEING BUILT IN XCALAK. IT'S A SMALL BREWERY, MIND you—no chairs yet except the folding kind and couple upside-down buckets. But is serves up a tasty Tarpon Tale Pale Ale and...

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Article - Great Bonefish and Permit Angling.

Angling Escapes Travel | by Tyler Hawthorne

Fishing for Bonefish

Being a fisherman who has spent most of my life fishing the Midwest and Montana, I wanted a unique fishing location. This trip was a gift for my father's 60th birthday, a very special occasion...

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News - Expert Angler visits Cocos again

Scott Heywood | Angling Destinations

Fly Fishing Chetumal Bay

I just wanted to let you how impressed we were with Cocos a couple weeks ago. It's hard to believe that there was much room for improvement from our trip last March...

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Article - Costa de Cocos,  Mexico

Fly Fish America | by Bill Battles

Fishing for Tarpon

Way down at the southern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, in the Mexican province of Quintana Roo just a couple of miles from the Belize border, lies a quaint little fishing village named Xcalak ...

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Article - Searching for a Slam in Xcalak

Fly Rod & Reel Online | By Will Rice

Fishing for Permit in Chetumal Bay

We knew that the bar had been set high when the guys from Idaho hit three grand slams in three days. Oh sure, they were all guides, and they had great weather...

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News - Tim's great Xcalak underwater pics

Costa de Cocos | Tim's Photos

We are very lucky to share with you the great underwater photography Tim has taken in Xcalak. Visit his Flickr page to see more of these beautiful pictures from his diving adventures.


Article - Diving haven exists in Mexico

MIAMI HERALD | by Susan Cocking

Scuba Diving in Mexico and Xcalak Reef

Xcalak's marine sanctuary runs north of the Belize border, where it adjoins Belize's existing reserve. Commercial fishing is prohibited, and only locals can free dive for lobster and conch. The result is peaceful, pristine diving...

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Article - X marks the spot - Xcalak

Fisherman Magazine | by C. Boyd Pfeiffer

Fly Fishing from Boat in Chetumal Bay

Looking for a fly-fishing treasure? Head south on the Yucatan Peninsula to the small village of Xcalak, where you will find big bonefish without the big crowds...

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